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October 2019

The park district has started planning for Lake Carriage Way to address aesthetic and ecological improvements. Initial steps were taken early in 2019 to remove a large amount of invasive species on the west side of the lake in order for an appropriate plan to be put together. In conjunction with Planning Resources Inc and Ted Gray from Living Waters Consultants, detailed planning is starting to take shape.

A shoreline restoration plan will be assembled by Planning Resources Inc and will include improvements to various shoreline items including bench areas, native plantings and ground coverings, as well as addition of rock outcroppings for beautification and functional seating.

Living Waters Consultants will be focusing on developing comprehensive and environmentally sound engineering services for shoreline stabilization to combat erosion, mud flats, and nuisance weed growth. Mud flats will be converted into proposed vegetated mesic prairie areas with some shallow emergent wetland. Water depths may be increased after a complete bathymetric survey to improve fish habitat and proposed plantings will include shoreline-stabilizing native plant species.

Projects involving bodies of water will take quite long to receive final permit approval. Construction on this project is not expected to take place before end of summer/early fall 2020.

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